City of Clatskanie

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Budget Committee

The Budget Committee consists of the City Council and an equal number of citizens who are each appointed by the Council to serve a three-year term.

The budget process usually begins in February when Department heads submit their budget requests to the City Manager. The Finance Manager then prepares the base budget, which provides for the minimum level to maintain services. In March, the City Manager works with staff to devise a proposed budget. When the City Manager is ready to present the budget and the budget message a "Notice of Budget Meeting" is published in the paper. The Budget Committee is then assembled to review the proposed budget. When the committee is satisfied with the proposed budget, it is approved and forwarded to the City Council for final adoption.

Committee Members

Roger Jolma

Term Expires 12/31/24

Bonnie Davis

Term Expires 12/31/23



Term Expires 12/31/23


Diane Pohl

Term Expires 12/31/21

Scott Hadlock

Term Expires 12/31/23

Karen Sampair 

Term Expires 12/31/21

Kelly Niemela

Term Expires 12/31/23