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Mayor Robert "Bob" Brajcich

Mayor Bob Brajcich, Term to 12/31/22

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City of Clatskanie Elected Officials

The Clatskanie City Council is composed of six councilors elected at large, and a mayor that is elected separately from the council positions. These positions are not paid and receive no benefits.

Council terms are four years, and three terms expire at the end of each even numbered year. If a council position becomes vacant, the mayor with the consent of the council shall fill the position by appointment.

The Mayor’s term is for two years.


The City Charter requires only one council meeting per month. The city council has traditionally met on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM, at City Council Chambers to conduct City business. If needed the council uses the third Wednesday of the month for special meetings or workshops. All city council meetings, workshops and council committee meetings are public meetings and are advertised one week before the meeting date in a newspaper of general circulation in the community. Public hearings are posted at the Post Office, City Hall and the library.


The exception to the public meeting law is executive sessions, which can be held on specifically designated subjects as described in ORS 192.660. The council cannot take action during an executive session, but must return to regular session before voting on any issue discussed during that executive session. Discussions during executive session are strictly confidential.


The City pays for council members to attend the annual three-day League of Oregon Cities Conference each September. The conference provides an opportunity for councilors to hear speakers discuss various city programs and projects, and to meet and interact with other elected officials from around the State.


The City also pays for council members to attend the quarterly City/County meeting. This meeting is held in various locations in Columbia County and gives councilors the chance to hear a variety of speakers discuss issues that affect our county.

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