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Cedar Hill Cemetery

800 NE Wood Lane


Located at in NE Clatskanie, Omar J and Margaret J Bryant dedicated Cedar Hill Cemetery to the City of Clatskanie in 1905. For Historical information, see end of this section.


For more information on Cedar Hill Cemetery please contact Rainier Cemetery District at 503-556-9697.


Historical Information on Bryant Cemetery

This letter was found on the Internet and may interest some doing research at Bryant Cemetery, the original name of Cedar Hill Cemetery.

"I am searching for families in and around the Clatskanie area - namely the descendents of Zephania Bryant ( son of original pioneer Elihue Granger Bryant) and his wife Luvina Creighbaum Bryant.  I was up in Columbia County, last Thursday and went to the Scappoose Library, The St. Helen's Library, The LDS Family History Center in St. Helen's , The Clatskanie Library and visited the Bryant Cemetery in Clatskanie. It  was a beautiful sunny day and we had a wonderful time.


I was not able to visit the Historical museums as they were closed , but will have to go back soon.


Sincerely, Diana Milne" --


Searching for any desc. of FRANKLIN GILKEY who died April 1984.. Clatskanie, Columbia Co., Or.  Any info appreciated.


 You have done your homework, so shall add what i can: The references in my website to BRYANT include about twenty people named BRYANT, and include all three you pointed to. Eliuh Bryant, 1844-1923 ODI: 3 Mar 1923. 1880 Census: Wife= Mary C.


Zephaniah Bryant, 3 Nov 1832 - 16 Jan 1903 [Same stone as Luvina Bryant]


Luvina Bryant, 6 June 1840 - 15 Jan 1903 [Same stone as Zephaniah Bryant]


The Bryant Cemetery is administrated by City of Clatskanie; records begin 1878 Omar J. & Margaret J. Bryant dedicated Cedar Hill Cemetery on 12 May 1905. (Source: Dedication in Col. Co. Oregon Deed book 4:638) Cemetery was deeded to City of Clatskanie in 1967 by the Bryant family.


Compiler of this record is Clarissa Meyer of Clatskanie. She may be the one in phone book as CJ Meyer - no adx, (503) 728-4645. If she is the right one, you might let us know.


Other common names in this small cemetery are: Barr, Boisvert, Duggen, Dye, Jarvy, Lillich, Rice, Seffert, Swendsen, Wood.

(The cemetery is on Wood Lane) Guy & Ida Lillich (died 1956 & 1957) lived in Bachelor Flat. west of St Helens, donated the property on which first school in Bach Flat. was built around 1900.


(my father, and i, Barbara, went to school there)


There is at present: Avery Bryant, 809 C. West Rainer, OR 97048 ph: 556-2056 Bryant house Pre-School, 265 S. Nehalem, Clatskanie, OR 97016 ph: 728-6309 Bryant, James D.

(Scappoose) 543-7344 Bryant Jay

(Clatskanie area) 728-2360 Bryant,Pamela

(Scappoose) 543-8184 Braynt V.

(Clatskanie area) 728-2107 All in area code 503


Columbia County Historical Booklets have some Bryant references:-Vol 1.p. 48 refers to Brayantville as being platted in 1884 by E.G. Bryant, later being named Clatskanie.--- Vol 3. p.35 has story by William Bryant about parents John & Lititia Bryant of Nampa, and Mayger (near Clatskanie) ---- Vol. 4. p. 8 discusses E.S. Bryant family includes 2 pictures 

1) "Mr & Mrs Elihu Stout Bryant" Stout & Mary Murray Bryant were married May 26, 1871.

..... 12 children, 6 boys & 6 girls were all born in Clatskanie

2) Picture of "Josephine, Emest, Clara, Herbert, Sumner, Anna, Raymond, & Ruth" "Other members deceased (by early 60's) are Lenner, Arch, Minerva, Cliff" Vol. 4 was published in 1965. Copies of these articles could also be mailed to you.....z