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Business Licenses

Business License Information

Who needs a business license?

All businesses and individuals that are conducting business inside the City Limits of Clatskanie are required by Municipal Code to obtain a City of Clatskanie Business License before doing business. For more information view the City Code.

What is the cost for a city business license?

See Business License Fee Schedule under Department Documents

What if I want to open a business in my home?

You will need to complete a land use application form for a home occupation, a business license application form, and submit the completed forms to City Hall with a $50.00 land use application fee.

Once the forms are approved, letters are sent to property owners/residents within 250 feet of said property. Recipients of the letters have at least 20 days to respond.

If no opposing responses are received at City Hall a business license will be issued upon receipt of your business license fee.

If there are opposing responses received at City Hall the applicant is notified and a hearing is set before the Planning Commission.


NOTE: If you are a tenant you will need to submit written permission from the property owner to conduct an in home business.

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